L.A. building new reservoirs in Griffith Park

Hi, I’m Gerald Lee Carroll, I live in Los Angeles and I am part of Gerald Lee Carroll Greenpeace, and as you could see I care a lot about our enviroment. And today I came across this, L.A. is building new reservoirs in Griffith Park.

I love Griffith – it was the first place that allowed me to connect with LA – the view from the museum is amazing, and worth driving to. It’s never truly crowded, and you can go up and read a book on the lawn if you want to. Me and my dad Gerald Lee Carroll senior just to go there a lot.

Today, Heading to Griffith Park through an equestrian tunnel under the Ventura (134) Freeway, horse riders emerge to see the construction site: huge yellow earth movers chomping into 15 acres of dirt between the freeway and the park.

The $230-million project was set in motion by federal regulations several years ago requiring upgraded open-air reservoirs, said Marty Adams, DWP’s director of water operations.

The laws call for reservoirs to be covered, replaced or to have additional filtration systems built on-site, he said.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is deep into building underground reservoirs that will hold 110 million gallons of water and help eliminate the city’s reliance on open-air reservoirs, notably the one in Silver Lake.

When complete, the two side-by-side Headworks reservoirs will be hidden beneath an open-space recreation area along Forest Lawn Drive near the intersection with Zoo Drive.

This was Gerald Lee Carroll,

Keep you posted!


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