Ikea at Los Angeles: Solar Panels

Hi, I’m Gerald Lee Carroll, as you might see I live in California and spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. I was reading some news and this story surprised me. It is important to me as I am a part of Greenpeace as you can see at Gerald Lee Carroll, Gerald Lee Carroll photos and Gerald Lee Carroll blog. So, on with the story:

“The power is being produced at a time when the demand is highest,” said Jeanette Meyer, marketing manager for Burbank Water and Power.

The sun beating down on Ikea’s six-acre Burbank store is now producing energy to power store operations and ease the burden on Burbank Water and Power.

The Swedish furniture retailer completed the installation of 1,260 solar panels covering 35,000 square feet on the roof of its San Fernando Boulevard store. Ikea’s array is the third largest in the city, after those at Costco and Warner Bros. The solar array will produce as much as 421,000 kilowatts a year, said store spokeswoman Mary Ann Barroso, enough to power 37 homes for a year.

Gerald Lee Carroll is an active member of Greenpeace USA, contributing with humanitarian and humble protesting journalism.


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