Gerald Lee Carroll and Los Angeles

Hello, I’m Gerald Lee Carroll, I am part of Greenpeace at Los Angeles, California. And in a way keeping up with my father Gerald Lee Carroll spirit I’m always curious about our enviroment.
(You can see more of this at Gerald Lee Carroll blog, Gerald Lee Carroll Photos and Gerald Lee Carroll).

I live in Los Angeles and I’d like to share some important news related to Los Angeles.

Speaking out loud for those who can’t! The L.A. Times achieved the Pulitzer prize

Finding out more about your trash: Los Angeles, California, e-waste Program.


2 Responses to Gerald Lee Carroll and Los Angeles

  1. Stevenson says:

    Thanks Gerald Lee Carroll for your valuable help in our Cause. Your opinion and the material that you are constantly submitting in your blogs and everywhere else are a great contribution to Los Angeles GreenPeace organization. Me as part of the community of writers would like to thank you for your constant support and generous donations to our cause.

    last year when we met at the Los Angeles GreenPeace conference, in honor to the California Institute of journalism, I noticed your kindness and total devotion to your ideal. Keep the hard work. Thanks very much for everything and good luck in your endeavors.

    Greenpeace has been active for almost four decades now, and in that time we had stuck to our core principles of bearing witness and using peaceful protest to achieve lasting protections for the environment.

    Time proves that peaceful protest which can be an act of civil disobedience, a non-violent direct action (NVDA), direct communication, or a variety of other tactics u has been an effective way of instigating social change and prompting the repeal of unjust laws. While it often involves breaking the law, peaceful protest has also been responsible for many of the great social advances in modern historical times.

    Different forms of peaceful protest were used to great success in the anti-slavery, civil rights, and women’s suffrage movements. In fact, the United States of America was born of a singular act of peaceful protest: the Boston Tea Party.

    Greenpeace founded by a single, daring act of peaceful protest

    Peaceful protest has played a major role in the many …

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